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Carrie Wehle

Carrie Wehle

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Eliza Farren

Eliza Farren

Pine Top Farm in Thomson, GA 2011

Eliza Farren

Eliza Farren

Pine Top Farm in Thomson, GA 2011

Heather Morris

Heather Morris

Heather and Maise

Heather Morris

Heather Morris

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Katie Murphy


New arrivals 2018

MLV series customized for EQUESTRIAN SPORT  


Available Spring 2018

Mesh airbag motorcyclejacket



2017 Best Sellers

Advantage™ Multi-Discipline   SV2 and LV   MLV-C   MLV-YC (High visibility)
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Hit-Air Airbag Vests at THE ZONE TV


Mr. Terry Bradshaw explains this new and revolutionary technology in saffety apparel:

the personal airbag vests.


See how this technology works and watch amazing testimonials.


This is -after the helmet invention- the ultimate advancement in safety apparel, giving an unparalel protection as well as a peace of mind that no regular body armor can provide.


The Fastest Model: Advantage™ multi-discipline & light weight

0.09 sec deployment time


The new Advantage model is a culmination of more than a decade of experience in airbag technology by MUGEN DENKO, LTD.

This "harness type" airbag employs the new higher speed key ball mechanism (component that activates the CO2 cartridge).
  • Versatile: for Eventing, Western and other equestrian disciplines, has optional chest padding, back padding, and side paddings.
  • Top speed: 0.09 sec deployment time!
  • The attention to detail is unmatched by any other brand of airbag apparel.
  • The neck airbag , where most injuries occur, inflates first, followed by (in only fraction of a millisecond) the torso and hip airbag. The neck airbag is also significantly larger than the leading competitor's neck air bag...

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New Equestrian Eventing Light Weight Models

Hit Air SV2 Model


Photo Shown SV2 model


Learn more about:

LV Model (Weight 1.9 pounds)


SV2 Model (Weight 1.76 pounds)

New Equestrian Eventing Models (LV, SV and SV2) specially designed for competition. This “harness type” airbag employs the new higher speed key ball mechanism (component that activates the CO2 cartridge).



All Hit-air apparels are designed to provide protection for the neck, back, chest and hip (tail bone). These models are especially light weight, cool and more comfortable than the competing brand. It is also much quieter when deployed than the competing brand, making it much less likely to spook the horse during an unintended dismount.




Salon Du Cheval Logo

The first and the best


Mugen Denko, LTD manufacturer of the Hit-air brand of safety apparel is the world’s oldest manufacturer of airbag safety apparel.

Mugen Denko began research and development work on an airbag system in 1995. The airbag jacket was invented and patented by Mr. Kenji Takeuchi. Three years later in 1998, Mugen Denko presented the world’s first airbag jacket for motorcyclists. In 2000 Hit Air was awarded with the Gold Trophy at the Salon du Cheval in Paris...



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Photo of a FFE Model Hit Air Jacket

Safety Standards


Some Hit Air models have been exclusively designed to meet international safety standards. You'll see at the Equestrian Models page the logos on the thumbnails.

Look for the logos:

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