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The Serious Step Up Equestrian Safety Was Waiting For.



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Equestrian Network Safety Program™ (ENSP)


Prospect Enterprise & Development Co. LLC (PEDCO, LLC) is pleased to present an exciting new Equestrian Safety Program. We created this program primarily for those who compete and participate in Eventing. We realize that the sport of equestrian eventing is both dangerous and expensive. Having the experience of having a family member suffer a paralyzing spinal injury (non-equestrian related) the owner knows how devastating and life changing this is for both the victim and the caregivers. For this reason safety is more important to us than higher profit margins.



The Program is Very Simple

• You receive a 10% discount on your order
You earn ($10.00) for each referral that purchases a safety vest.
• The person you refer receives also receives a 10% discount.
• You register sending the below application via fax 866-935-1094 or via email to llopez@hitairequestrianusa.com
• You will be assigned an ENSP code number.
• You agree to the terms and conditions of the ENSP program
• You are automatically eligible for discounts for any new safety product that we offer in the future. (Coming soon a new equestrian helmet)

Since this is a pilot program we will accept applications from the first 100 best qualified applicants.

You can complete the application online or complete and fax or mail to:

Attention: ENSP
P.O. Box 302
Union City, Georgia 30291-0302
Fax: (866) 935 1094

Once your application has been processed and accepted you will receive your welcome letter and ESNP ID code. We can also provide you with high resolution files that you can create personalized product brochures printed with your ESNP ID number. This makes it easy to network at events and any other occasion where the product can be promoted.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
So apply now!


Rueben D Jackson
Prospect Enterprise & Development Co., LLC

April, 2010


Download Application PDF file