Hit Air USA Equestrian Safety Apparel Airbag Vests and Jackets


The Serious Step Up Equestrian Safety Was Waiting For




Code Name Price    
AutoBahn2 Hit Air Auto Bahn 2 coat style model w/water proof function $499.00
GS-3 Hit Air GS3 Motorcycle Airbag Jacket Waterproof / Breathable $579.99
HA-Motorrad Hit Air Motorrad w/air intakes & reflectors $579.99
HA-Cartridge Hit Air Replacement Cartridge $19.99
HA-R2 Hit Air Motorcycle Race & Touring Glove R2 $109.99
Vest-KM Hit Air Airbag Vest for KIDS (Motorcycle) $379.99
FR-2-MOT Hit Air Female Airbag Jacket (Motorcycle) $499.00
Vest-JV Hit Air Airbag Vest JV $399.99
GP-2 Hit Air Jacket Removable Sleeves $549.00
CoiledWire Hit Air Coiled Wire $20.00