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The Serious Step Up Equestrian Safety Was Waiting For






Equestrian Vests - Jackets
Hit-Air Safety Apparel for Motorcyclists
Hit-Air Motorcycle Airbag Jackets
Hit-Air Motorcycle Airbag Vest
Hit-Air Motorcycle Gloves
Hit Air Accessories
Equestrian Air Vests
Equestrian Airbag Jackets


Hit Air Auto Bahn 2 coat style model w/water proof function
Hit Air GS3 Motorcycle Airbag Jacket Waterproof / Breathable
Hit Air Motorrad w/air intakes & reflectors
Hit Air Replacement Cartridge
Hit Air Motorcycle Race & Touring Glove R2
Hit Air Airbag Vest for KIDS (Motorcycle)
Hit Air Female Airbag Jacket (Motorcycle)
Hit Air Airbag Vest JV
Hit Air Jacket Removable Sleeves
Hit Air Coiled Wire
Hit Air CE Back Protector (for jackets/enclosed vests only)
Hit Air Buckle Type Key Ball Set
Hit Air Buckle Type Connector Holder for Motorcycle
Airbag Vest JV Equestrian
Hit Air Airbag Vest for KIDS - Equestrian
Hit Air Female Airbag Jacket Equestrian
Hit Air B-Liner 5 Innerwear for airbag Jackets
Hit Air MLV-C Light Weigth Airbag Vest
Hit Air Equestrian LV Airbag Vest (Harness Type)
Hit Air Equestrian SV2 Airbag Vest (Harness Type)
Hit Air Vest-YS airbag reflective vest
Hit Air Equestrian Saddle Strap
Hit Air Female Equestrian Airbag Jacket (FFE Standards)
Hit Air Advantage™ Multi-Discipline Airbag Vest
All in One Chest Padding 2
Separate Chest Padding
Harness Back Padding
Hit Air Neck Airbag Harness
Loop Setter for Coiled Wire
Replacement tool and bolt kit
Hit Air Motorcycle Light Weight Airbag Vest REFLECTIVE
Harness Side Padding
Buckle Extender
Hit Air Airbag New MC3 (no back snaps)
Honeycomb Chest Protector
Hit Air MLV-P Large Reflectors Motorcycle Light Airbag Vest (Black or Yellow)
Hit Air JP-3 Ligthweight Removable Sleeves Jacket
Hit Air HS3 Airbag Jacket Long Season Use
Hit Air Motorcycle Racing Airbag Vest
Hit Air MX7 airbag mesh jacket
Hit-Air Motorrad-2 Enduro Airbag Jacket
CE Back Padding LW (Light Weight)
Hit Air Motorrad-2 Mesh airbag jacket
Hit-Air MS5 Airbag Mesh Motorcycle Jacket
Advantage Kids Light Weight Model
Hit Air MLV-YC Light Weight Airbag Vest High Visibility
Hit-Air B-Liner Pants 2
Replacement red slide for the keybox
Carrying Tote Advantage
Stand Alone Harness B
Hit Air Vest Airbag MC2
Hit-Air VHR Light Weight fast inflation
NEW! Hit-Air EU6 ultimate airbag jacket
NEW! Hit Air HS5 Long Season Airbag Jacket
Hit Air High Speed Key-Box
MLV-CS Equestrian harness air vest
NEW MV6 Airbag Mesh Vest
New 2018! MX8 airbag mesh jacket

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