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Hit Air Coiled Wire
Hit Air Coiled Wire

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  • One Coiled Wire is included with each Hit Air.
    Additional units are available for those who have more than one horse or motorcycle.

    Horse Backriding Advantage Model

    Easy to adjust its length with the belt and easy
    to attach to the right place

    Horse Backriding

    The same coiled wire as attached to the Hit-air jacket and vest. Use as the replacement for the damaged of lost set.


    Additional Coiled Wire Buckle type of additional coiled wire

    RS-1 (Racing Motorcycle)

    To be attached to the motorcycle and connected to the airbag.
    Two one-touch releases are used to connect/disconnect the coiled wire in two steps.
    "Key Box on the back side" Only


    The same coiled wire as attached to the Hit-air jacket and
    vest. Use for the tandem or for the second/third motorcycle


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