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Hit Air MLV-YC Light Weight Airbag Vest High Visibility
Hit Air MLV-YC Light Weight Airbag Vest High Visibility

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    Price: $489.00
    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
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    Available Sizes:
      OPTIONAL:Ad Harness Back Protector (+$40.00)
      Ad HC-Chest Protector (+$40.00)
      Ad All-in-One Chest Pad (+$40.00)
      Ad Separated Chest Pad (+$40.00)
      Ad Side Padding (+$25.95)

    The Long Awaited New Super Light Weight Vests Models Are Here!

    Super Light Weight Vest High Visibility for either Equestrian or Motorcycle riding is Hit-Airís latest model for wearing over your favorite motorcycle jacket. This vest incorporates Hit-airís new super high speed airbag deployment system. The system deploys the airbag in 0.18 sec. By comparison the human eye blink rate is 300 to 400 msec or 0.3 seconds.
    The Hit-Air MLV model is also super light weight making it comfortable while wearing it over your favorite jacket or coat! It is so light, cool and comfortable you will hardly notice that you are wearing it! The Hit-air MLV model is ideal for the rider who has one or more jackets in his or her wardrobe but want the superior protection that the Hit-air is famous for.

    Large double line reflectors and fluorescent color with high visibility for day and night riding.

  • New super high speed airbag deployment system 0.18 sec
  • Optional back protector
  • Designed to wear over your favorite motorcycle jacket or vest
  • Uses 60cc cartridge (one already included)
  • Available Sizes: Small to XLarge and only in black
  • Optional chest padding and CE back padding.
  • Equestrian sport: Use with only with English saddles or with western saddles WITHOUT horns.
  • When product is not in stock please allow 7 to 10 business days to ship.


    Question: What it is the main difference between a hit-air vest for motorcycle and for equestrian sport?
    Answer: The airbag vest is exactly the same, the coiled wire is what it's different: the equestrian is shorter, and the motorcycle one is longer. If you practice both sports you should get an extra coiled wire.
    Question: Is there a hit-air "Lightning Star" model?
    Answer: The German hit-air site offers the MLV-YC under that name for marketing purposes.


    Disclaimer: The manufacturer reserves the right to change models and model specifications including performance specifications without notice.


    Additional protection:


    HOW TO MEASURE: Please take your measurements with and without your riding clothes, as the vest is wore OVER your riding clothes. Then check the sizing chart below and establish which size will fit your measurements. 

    There MLV comes in 2 sizes (Medium and Large), each size covers a range of sizes. The Medium Range, goes from S to XL, and the Large Range goes from XL to 3XL.


    Sizes (for all types in common) cm / inches
    Sizes S M L XL 2XL 3XL
    Height 160 - 175
    5'3 "- 5'9"
    165 - 180
    5'5 " - 5'10"
    170 - 185
    5'7" - 6'1"
    175 - 190
    5'9" - 6'3"
    5'10" - 6'5"
    180 - 195
    5'11" - 6'5"
    Chest 86 - 96
    34 "- 37"
    95 - 105
    37"- 41"
    95 - 110
    37" - 43"
    110 - 120
    43"- 47"
    115 - 125
    45" - 49"
    120 - 130
    47 " - 51"
    Waist 72 - 80
    28" - 31"
    78 - 86
    30" - 34"
    84 - 92
    33" - 36"
    94 - 102
    37" - 40"
    100 - 108
    39" - 42"
    106 - 114
    41.5" - 45"
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    About the sizing label and sizing chart

    The sizing label at the top on the SV2 model says “Size Small” and right below that it says “JP XS-M” The “JP” means Japanese. This part of the size is for Japanese market.
    At the bottom it says “EU US 2XS-S”. This part of the sizing label is for European and United States market. “EU” is for Europe market and the “US” is for United States market.


    The sizing label at the top on the LV model says “Size Medium” and right below that it says “JP M-2XL” The “JP” means Japanese. This part of the size is for Japanese market.

    At the bottom it says “EU US S-XL”. This part of the sizing label is for European and United States market. “EU” is for Europe market and the “US” is for United States market.


    Think of the sizing at the top as the “category” of sizes so the “S” in SV2 would mean smaller category and the “L” in the LV model would mean larger category, in this case one size category larger than a small would be a Medium.


    These vests are sold internationally so they include the sizes for each major market, the Japanese, European and USA market.


    If you look only at the “EU US” size at the bottom of the tag and understand that the vests are adjustable over their respective range to fit a person whose height, chest size and waist size fall within the individual sizes of either “XXS” to “S” for the SV2 and “S” to XL” for the LV model it might make sense.


    So ignore the two top sizes on the label and look only at the bottom size which is applicable to the USA market. As you know the Japanese are physically smaller in stature than both the Europeans and the Americans.